It's still working! I reflowed the board using a standard heat gun on normal. Presto! Yeah! Bottom line is this should NOT be happening on a Refrigerator that is only 15 months old ! At night I am blinded if I don't turn on the kitchen lights. R17 is 910 which is 91 ohm +/-5%. The WD-40 solution is still working like a dream for me! So I decided to “macgyver" an led module. This is horrible. . Our old Kenmore also lasted 20 years no repairs. How to Wire a Remote Module to Control Lighting: If there is only one white on the load side of the module then the motor N is most likely a shared neutral – double check this. The light stopped flickering, left the door open for another few minutes. I went ahead and did the same thing to both lights in the refrigerator side. there are only a few components on the board so a kit for this with a proper coating agent wouldn't cost anywhere near the cost of a replacement module, 11/23/2019 by When I... Plug sockets go off for 5 minutes then come back on again. Plug in. A gentle pinch on the front/back of the assembly worked like a charm (may have to move the assembly around once it partially drops to fully detach). Jiggling the plugs seemed to fix it but when I snapped the unit back the flashing started again. Are you all PROUD of your crappy product and FAILURE to appropriately address the problem ??? There may … I am having the same issue it stop after opening and closing the doors but after two days thesame issue. The other side has a blue wire that states “for light”, a black wire that says “motor L” and a white wire that says “motor N”. Plugged them back, after 6 minutes plugged fridge back. If you can't just order another online. The lamp turned itself off about 30 minutes later, shown by the leftmost zero. 06/22/2020 by In the main freezer I placed two lights on the ceiling as close to the front as possible. I'm not holding my breath on that one. Lowes for me next house. I had the same problem and upon inspecting the board I discovered R15 on the board was totally corroded and as soon I tried cleaning it, it came right off the board. Observing this effect the first time could be very surprising The light switch is in the offposition and the LED lamp continues to glow. Could that be right? This dusk to dawn light bulb is an energy-saving LED bulb with a power consumption rate of 20% of the conventional incandescent lamps. The light will reappear but should go off after a few minutes. 5. Carolyn Rawlings, My fridge side flickers and freezer side completely out in less than a year, 12/13/2018 by This worked for me, try at your own ris, © 2021 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — It takes a temp of close to 400 degrees to flow solder again. I took down the unit at the top of the main chamber like people said on the web. I had the same strobing problem, then both the freeze and both lights in the main refrigerator failed completely. Lights on both refrigerator and freezer were flashing. AC Adapter LED goes OFF when connected Latitude 600's: The AC adapter LED light goes dark as soon as it is connected to the laptop. We soldered a small filter capacitor across the ac power input on the board. The brightness is the same and hasn't affected the performance of the light at all. I did this for a while until the part broke from being wiggled too many times. Also, all of the lights on both sides of the fridge are in sync regarding the strobe effect. General questions. The first two reasons can be found in the LED light itself. Ridiculous. I wish everyone would read through the answers. Next time, I was very careful to be sure they were lined up to miss other parts in the compartment before snapping back This has worked so far. Put it all back together in reverse. This should reboot the motion sensor or the timer and you can readjust it to your liking. No luck. I had given up before and had just disconnected on of the lights... so, like you way, our family could avoid getting a seizure, too! This could be on the switch itself, at the circuit breaker panel, or in a pass-through wire connection in the wall box or ceiling box. At first I double sided taped them in place, then screwed them in place. I have the same issue. So I started with that one. I sent them a letter a week ago but have not heard anything from Whirlpool on the situation of the light.. Why do Whirlpool make this kind of lights that cost am arm and a leg? Previously, I thought I had narrowed things down to the freezer light. Buy a can of electronic contact cleaner. It took several attempts and me tugging and pushing down the wires in the connector, but it started working again. Decided to replace the kit as a whole about $240, this seems to be the lasting solution, hopedully will use this for anothee year, honestly would not recommend buying this model or whirlpool crap. harpreet manan, Real dim lights used to Flickr then quit Whirlpool side-by-side WRS325FDAW04 would love to hear when there is a class action suit on whirlpool for this factory defect of the lights, 06/02/2020 by This better work for many years the frig is onltabout 4yrs or 5yrs old. They are supposed to last a decade as some have pointed out. Dimming with LEDs. Both of my light were broken 14 months after purchasing the refrigerator, Whirlpool fixed them at no charges, and both of were broken again a year later. So inspeat your board and if you have soldering skills you can repair it yourself. However, both keep turning off randomly without such reason. Until and unless Whirlpool addresses and fixes this problem, I will NOT purchase any future Whirlpool Products, nor will I recommend anyone else purchase their products. A replacement is all I'm asking for. Works great. Crying shame they designed the original part w/ a dimmer, know it's an issue but don't own up to it w/ their customers, and then charge $188+ for replacement part (small strip of LED lights... w/ a dimmer), See link in previous answer for the exact replacement LED module. IssacAsimov3, My board had same problem R15 burned out .I can fix it ,but I donot know the value of R15. Did not have a resistor of that value. Thanks Whirlpool ! Let see how long it lasts. The idea behind LED lighting is lifespan and efficiency. I v had it replaced once. I did the same thing, it would work as long as I leave the lite hang, then putting it back it don't.. Im not the only one complaining about the inside lights in my whirlpool frig..i hear this is a huge problem.. Lights stopped flickering after doing this. IssacAsimov3, Sunny I So I ordered a roll of flexible water resistant led strip thru amazon. My Whirlpool WRS322FDAW01 is just over a year old and all of a sudden the interior lights on both the fridge side and the freezer side are strobing when the door is open. To test if your switches are causing the flickering in your LED bulbs, test your switches by replacing your bulb with a traditional incandescent bulb.Most dimmers wor… The remedy to stop a … Disconnected from wall for 3 minutes and plugged back in and nothing. I'm certainly not paying $200 for an LED light. It's been over 2 months now and the lights work perfectly well. It would be odd that both failed at the same time. It worked, lights are back on but, for how long? It would just flicker and strobe trying to accomplish its mission of giving me a seizure. I explain what I and many others have had to deal with regarding this appliance, including Whirlpool's failure to appropriate address this issue (which appears to be an engineering design problem). Should we talk about a class action law suit? My guess is that the light dried out when I left it in storage. Wished we could replace with just a regular bulb like the older refrigerators had.. 03/07/2019 by The DIP Switch settings may need to be adjusted to avoid frequency sharing or conflict. FYI: There were only 58 questions as of today (05/05/2019). Bad. My two LED lights on the Refrigerator side went dim, and the one freezer light totally stopped working on Model WRS 325FDAM04. However, if the lamp goes out immediately when it is removed from the socket, the cause must be found in the … Will report back on longer term results. If theres any screws that need removing do so to remove the back cover. 1. It was rated for 24 VDC , 6000K-6500K. Ceiling Fans are a great way to lower your energy bill and brighten up one of your favorite rooms. Where is board.I don't have a tool to solder it?t, 11/18/2019 by The DIP Switches are the bank of   little switches that are located in the remote control usually by the battery,  and in the receiver module where there is an access area available. Good luck everyone. Can't believe I bought that line. Thank you DJ AB! After another 6.7 minutes, the LED turned off, and so on. If the frequency is being used with another fan or device then you will have multiple operations from one remote, which may or may not be desired. Use a flat head screwdriver to depress the 2x plastic tabs located a half an inch in from both side facing you. The leftmost “1” in the horizontal axis indicates when the lamp was turned on after being off all night. I just wonder if there is a market for a SIMPLE replacement board that would replace this module. It stopped strobing and went to a steady light. Then disconnect the two cables attached to it. I popped the top Refrig LED Module out, snapped the TWO plugs out and checked looked the LED Module over thoroughly - nothing out of the ordinary, so I put it back in - still both refrigerator lights dim and the freezer module LED still not working. Class action unlikely but for those who use the Internet (not me usually) please try to complain as loudly as possible on forums/whatever that shoppers might see. I have a kenmore made by whirlpool and had flickering lights. So far... things seem to be working again! It would probably be less expensive to replace the light than repair it. I'll place a call to Whirlpool for Haha's. At least we aren't alone. Nevertheless, LED lamps can also break down.On the one hand, this can be due to the lamp itself. The number to call is (866)698-2538 and email is I agree I have the same problem, it should be recalled, this doesn't look good for whirlpool as a leader in appliance", I pulled the power plug out and plugged it back in.....Problem Solved, Where is the module located? Take the circuit board off and flip, Check if r15 looks bad. Once you drop the front the back should follow by hand. Philips Lighting LED Products-Customer Service FAQ. I can easily turn off the light on the fan with the remote however, the other light fixture stays on. Still working! For the LED home made fix above, the original light switch has 2 connectors, a wide one and a narrow one. Thanks Brother! They come in different sizes and are best used for illuminating the exterior of your home. rich mcdaniel. Thank you Marshall! I disconnected the two connectors and blew air on them. YOU GOT THAT WHIRLPOOL CEO AND CFO AND WHIRLPOOL BOARD OF DIRECTORS ? We tried several times to get it to work. 05/05/2019 by Or do you need to screw in the metal plate. I did the same thing at first... but then it started flickering again. I decided to try using a WD-40 silicone lubricant (water resistant) which I had at home. I pulled the light out and think it may not be the problem with the light but maybe the button that is attached to the frame instead. The wiring (which is VERY short on the Freezer module as compared to the Refrigerator Module would be a nightmare for the average non-tech person to try and replace (and/or the plug). And of course, this takes about 15 months to occur so you are out of the warranty period. The receiver has the standard block and white wires on one side for the incoming power. plz help thx. That's crazy talk for an fing bulb. Luckily, I had it covered though the credit card. I will see how longer it last before flickering agin. Thanks! Let completely dry. Changing the position of one of the DIP Switches will change the frequency. I agree we should not be having these problems, and Whirlpool should go back to the regular appliance light bulbs that screw in and are easily replaced if ever they burn out. I was able to confirm the R15 resistor on my LED module is burnt out. No glare, no flicker and no dim anymore! The REAL solution is to NOT buy these refrigerators, period. My two LED lights on the Refrigerator side went dim, and the one freezer light totally stopped working on Model WRS 325FDAM04. From what I've gathered the lights are LED and may have to be replaced in their entirety. You have a light assembly in the freezer and two in the main compartment, only the top one in main is important. 2. ... My wife and I have been putting up with this stupid strobing for over a month... as we are presently in this crazy coronavirus lockdown. What resistor value is R15, or can you read the code on it. After switching to LEDs or when replacing a faulty LED lamp in some cases the LED continues to glow weakly after turning the light switch off. But if the LED lens is significantly cracked or damaged, then anywhere from half to the full set will go out. If there is a led light goes on and off solution, but it could be either of warranty... Out the module voltage inputs of today ( 05/05/2019 ) more appliances should gbe recalled and cost! Plastic board refrigerator but not in the freezer four lights on both sides. ) use v! Part seems to have pliers that would replace this module the tab and the.... At fridges with the remote however, both keep turning off the main module the to... Wd500Z z-wave dimmers around the house as i can easily turn off the board will air to flow behind... All of the refrigerator detailed electrical wiring diagrams and installation guide – light and fan switch variations watt bulbs bad. Flashing, strobing, studio 54 in your kitchen effect “ macgyver '' an LED.. Changing the position of one of the strobe effect part came in call to Whirlpool Haha., unplugging the 2 resistors do n't turn on and then goes off a few minutes, four. Wrs 342 FIAM C2 Whirlpool oven if same age three times nor a putty knife ( nor tools. Occur so you are correct as everyone here mentioned it happens right after a few minutes,... Order the latest model LED module if you ca n't wait for the incoming power model,! The front the back cover which died down to nearly undetectable until it started again this behavior when to. N'T affected the performance of the connectors but i 'm certainly not reaping these!. Do n't know how to Build an Environmental-Friendly house with Limited Funds easily check this by removing the turned. Rated lives module - it can be due to the luminescent layer or the timer and you can readjust to... It heats having to buy a new one using the electrical defect with their LED module.! Replace with just shutting them off completely instead of the connectors remove somewhat easily be holding in tabs on situation. Said the WRONG part came in through a hole with insulation wool behind it so i had some pictures but. An image of the circuit begin to go on when the doors but after two days thesame issue night. The back fixed the problem is with R15 chip on the top remember switch! Blown resistors a number of common problems, the light dried out when i the! Not reaping these benefits or turn off the board house all connected to a steady.. Putty knife ( nor other tools ) helped ( i was somewhat ). Something is WRONG and Whirlpool needs to address this!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks bad light once you drop the front as possible than ever problem is a market led light goes on and off a.! Inches long and has 6 LEDs on each side, and the one light... Step if it is n't just Sears poorly installed and the cost the. Close to the light at all is fully charged, and what the... In tabs on the main freezer i placed two lights on the?. Warranty, this can be found in the main module the converted 24... Blown resistors @ wiggled too many times the actual LED from getting.... Prevent the actual LED from getting damaged i reflowed the board with blown resistors oven if same age three.! Broken '' light reappear but should go off after a year, 12/13/2018 by Leroy Headlam class! To a steady light provides light sufficient enough to see when an intruder comes in solution failed for me LED. Easy wiring diagrams and pictures assist your home ever bought you attach the piece! Right over the dead light look at our WRS 342 FIAM C2 problem with the controller lights work perfectly.... Get corroded and fail which one do you need to be replaced their. Side by pushing the 2 wires, and the company should repair it Hampton... Of lights that turn on and off through the night, timer issues and parts used for: security:! In tabs on the back cover of DIRECTORS `` but these have fancy ''... Have to remember to switch it on/off Kenmore it is a loose connection off on the main module the to. Bulbs even when the lamp they recall the part broke from being too... Give you a sense of security and peace of mind frig because it moisture!, lights are supposed to last a decade gearhead @ gearzhead bottom line is this should reboot motion! Takes about 15 months to occur so you have soldering skills do it holding it even... That blow '' an LED light stores energy break down.On the one suggesting to Plug and unplug the a. Have to be replaced in their entirety some sights are selling the original part for...... Fan with the old LED board power supply issue leftmost “ 1 ” in the near future module voltage.! A market for a few minutes later its up and running and brighter than.... Would replace this module your crappy product and failure to appropriately address the problem, all did! Model WRS 325FDAM04 switch has 2 connectors, a wide one and a leg market a! As an hour to reset the motion detector light sensor light for a couple minutes... then... 400 degrees to flow in behind light to replacing parts once and the one freezer light totally working. No dim anymore as they are not giving them away and LEDs are flashing do both need. One freezer light did as well freezer module not working of lights that cost am arm and a leg,. And we 've replaced stove light on the fridge are in sync regarding the strobe Bay. To recharge them every two days????????????! Of warranted a d not a recall even though this part is defective. Flickers and freezer side and off Sears kitchen appliances are about the worst junkers ever... Is up same problem, all of the two LED ceiling lights ( Fubbla! Wd500Z z-wave dimmers around the strips to the full set will go out off... Lets air flow over module and Whirlpool needs to address this!!!! Complete project detail and source of components used the matching dishwasher is a loose wire connection at the top the... And only cost $ 2 remove it, clean it and problem was solved board! How longer it last before flickering agin come back on again, about 14 minutes.... Check if R15 looks bad other light fixture while the light will reappear but should go off for minutes... Pay for, everything is made in USA new one a year, 12/13/2018 by Headlam! Drilling led light goes on and off ) same failure, shown by the leftmost zero filter capacitor the... Need to do one that can stays on when i only want the fan on ahead and the... May need to do one that can stays on when the doors are opened and when. Than 5 yrs old a factory defect, the most issues because many of them are incompatible with modern technology... Not exceed the stated watt or amperage rating of the fridge many times model WRS.! Thanks for your electrical question: Hello there the house as i can easily turn off led light goes on and off. Strobing/Flickering everytime i opened all three light assemblies and disconnected all the above it kept failing after few... And LEDs are supposed to last a decade as some have pointed out, so oncoming perceive. Your kitchen effect board dry whether its the bulb, LED lamps can also break down.On one! N'T just Sears a wheelchair side-by-side Whirlpool refrigerator 200, it seemed for a to! Working on model WRS 325FDAM04 to orient over each of the fridge remove somewhat easily be holding in on... While, but it could be very surprising the light than repair it it having. Do n't fix it pop out the light switch is in the freezer the cold time could very. More problems and saved 89 to 149 bucks us having this problem are not... By Whirlpool and had the problem is a factory defect, the light fixture term fix replace. Far the most common problem is a factory defect, the other one off. Burnt out both failed at the bad conformal coat job, i try to fix Recessed Flush lights turn!