So on the top of the moor at least, in the cold and wet of the re-forming sphagnum bogs, a consensus is being reached between all interested parties: the conservation bodies are happy, the rewilders are happy with its minimal intervention management style, and the grouse moor managers are happy with it as a habitat for the birds. Following publication of Scottish Government’s response to Werritty Review of grouse moor management, Scottish Land & Estates has made the following statement. Grouse moor management has been maligned by the likes of Chris Packham and his extinction rebellion groupies,but the fact is that the management of the moors for grouse maintains a safe habitat for all ground nesting birds and does not damage peat or contribute to the perceived climate emergency. But that was 150 years ago when intensive keepering and heather management created the new sport of driven grouse shooting. The red grouse – Lagopus lagopus – is the truly unique native bird of Scotland. Today, too many Scottish grouse moors run at a loss and half of … management of heather as part of grouse moor management is therefore essential to help preserve the carbon locked up in the underlying peat. Were he with us today, Aldo Leopold would be … Is grouse moor management murdering golden eagles? See Supplementary Information – Grouse Moor Management . “The Grouse Moor Management report estimated that there are just 120 grouse estates left in Scotland," said Mr Smith. Grouse moor management includes burning or cutting heather and legally controlling generalist predators (e.g. Huge decline in bird species when grouse moor management ends. A fresh front was in the war between conservationists and shooting interests recently when a young golden eagle disappeared over a grouse moor – the 12 th to have vanished over what has been described as a “black hole” for the birds. This can also benefit a range of other moorland species. Today, much driven grouse moor management is a stranger to such principles of sustainability, but they would serve well to guide the fundamental reform and rehabilitation that is urgently necessary to make grouse moor management fit to continue in the 21 st century. Grouse Moor Management. Key Issues: Objectives. To provide a mosaic of different ages of heather and other vegetation to provide food, nesting areas and shelter for grouse. red foxes and carrion crows), which increases numbers of red grouse as well as other ground-nesting birds such as waders and some passerines. READ MORE. Trust supports RSPB's call for full licencing scheme for grouse moors without delay In 2017 the John Muir Trust welcomed the Scottish Government’s decision to commission an independent review of driven grouse management under the chairmanship of Alan Werritty, Professor … Grouse moor management call 20 February 2020. Sle statement grouse moor management SLE statement on grouse moor management Press Release 26 Nov 2020. Peatland management Studies show that grouse moor management is a carbon positive land use – and that the controlled, rotational burning of heather helps to reduce both "This reinforces what we know about loss of heather, namely that we have seen over 40% loss … Constructing a management plan for grouse New technology has brought huge increases in grouse production already. The glorious benefits of grouse moor management in Scotland Yet, the glory of grouse shooting is not simply confined to the economy. About The Gift of Grouse. It is at the heart of the magnificent landscape that forms such a large part of Scotland’s stunningly beautiful scenery.