Of 234 representatives in the House, Breckinridge was one of 80 re-elected to the Thirty-third Congress. He served as a U.S. Representative and U.S. Married to Isabella Goodrich (1874–1961), daughter of B.F. Goodrich. Son of John Witherspoon Owen Breckinridge. John C Breckinridge, "United States Census, 1850" Family Members. Although still a young man, he had climbed high in his profession and was known in many cities and towns of California as a lawyer of unquestioned ability and of unquestioned integrity in business matters. The bride, once divorced and the mother of three children, had been married to John Witherspoon Breckinridge, son of a former U.S. vice president. Mary Breckinridge (1881–1965), Founder of the Frontier Nursing Service. Married to Louise Tevis, daughter of Lloyd Tevis , First President of Wells Fargo Bank . ...s Breckinridge, Frances “frannie” Steele (born Breckinridge), John Milton Breckinridge, Mary Desha Maltby (born Breckinridge),