Removing the starter usually is a matter of loosening a few screws, but the procedure varies according to model. T. TheDude ... Something is binding inside and wont let the flat spring pull the cord back in. Remove the friction plate by loosening the center bolt. They were a pain then, and from what I've seen on the MTD-Ryobi units, hasn't changed much. If that doesn't work, please look at our pull cord replacement guide. I have a Ryobi S430 4 stroke weed whacker and it seems like the thing has seized up. How to Repair the Recoil Starter Rope on My Mower. If the pressure washer does not start on that first pull you will be adding more and more with each pull. I couldn’t find any manuals with information other than “don’t pull the cord past the red tape,” but someone suggested to try spraying silicon spray and giving it 10 minutes. Remove the center bolt then the cap of the pulley system to remove the plate and check it. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. You should examine the recoil spring to establish the cause of the issue. Craftsman 25cc/1.5 2-cycle 17 inch cutting path/ 0.080 in. This prevents it from being used to start the generator again. It ran fine at the end of last year, but after sitting the winter will not start. Ryobi Pull Cord Won't Retract | Home Guides | SF Gate Most of of the smaller Johnson outboard motors under 25 horsepower, particularly most of the older models, used a recoil starter. 2) The Pull Cord Won’t Retract If the pull cord isn’t retracting the problem is most likely the Recoil Spring. How to mend anything. Check for any damage or dysfunctional ball bearings. AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. Ryobi Pull Cord Won't Retract | Home Guides | SF Gate. called the local small engine repair shop and they said the rope pull should retract even if pulled off motor. If this lever isn't at fault, grass and other debris may be preventing the blade, which is connected to the starter coil, from turning. Remove the clutch from the generator with a pry bar. If you find any, clean it with a soft brush and blow air into it to eliminate the dirt. If the spring is uncoiled, you can recoil it again. Do I have to remove the - … Damage to the starter house causes the starter rope to snag and refuse to retract. Free repair help Garden Tools, Hedge Trimmers - ryobi pbc 3046ye pull cord wont retract. Some of the parts you need to check are … Start by removing the starter and fan shroud in order to access the clutch. Rotate the pulley to tighten the recoil spring then, reinserting the screwdriver to lock the pulley, attach the rope to the pulley. In this guide, we look at what causes such a scenario and how to fix it. 2) The Pull Cord Won’t Retract. Title says it all, the pullstring on my Poulan 245a won't go back into the saw after pulled. When your pull cord is broken, won't pull smoothly or retract properly, you need a repair. How do I get access to/remove the pully? To solve this problem. Craftsman 25cc/1.5 2-cycle 17 inch cutting path/ 0.080 in. The reasons your pull cord can’t retract back into the recoil hub include the following: Damaged pulley. I took it to a small engine repair place and the guy starts telling me how labor is $48/hr and it will take at least 2 hours and on … To clear it, pull the wire off the spark plug, tilt the lawnmower back and scrape off the debris using a screwdriver or flat bar. Attach the new recoil spring into the slots provided on the pulley while making sure it’s held properly. Begin by removing the bolts off of the side casing. Yep, it's that time of the year again to pull out the lawn mower and start the weekly ritual of mowing your lawn. ... blast some WD 40 in to the … After replacing the spring, wind the hub, feed the cord through the holes in the hub and cover, tie a knot and let the hub rewind slowly before replacing the starter. Lock the pulley into place by inserting a screwdriver inside it. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Thanks! Remove the generator’s starter to access the rope inside it. Pull cord on a Sears #358.791580 wacker won't retract. The pull cord on a Ryobi trimmer is connected to the starter, which fires the spark at the proper time, thus starting the engine. You should also check for dirt and debris inside the pulley system which may make the pull cord stuck. When I pulled the pull cord the third time the cord would not retract. I have a 19cc Weedeater FL1500 leaf blower that the pull cord has been hard pull... Goodman furnace (GMT 045-3B) ... but it won't pull… The pull cord is wound around the outside of the pulley in one direction. Start by removing the starter rope then attaching one end of the spring on the pulley. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Can anyone provide instructions on how to repair this? Put the starter cover back in place over the engine. The cord can fray at the base, or a knot may develop in the base, which would lead to recoil problems. You’ll need to inspect the integrity of the pulley by removing the starter and checking any damage on its parts. If it’s not its absolute best, find a new one for replacement. Resetting the spring usually requires separating the hub from the starter cover. When I go to pull the starting cord it won't budge. Test the cord by pulling it out of the pulley. If the pull cord isn’t retracting the problem is most likely the Recoil Spring. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! The pull cord is wound around the outside of the pulley in one direction. Pull out the rope to access the knot used to tie it to the pulley. ... Any advise would be gr8 thanks. Once the gas ignites, the engine starts operating. I am not handy at all - hence my question. The cord won't retract. But after a few pulls, it hangs in the extended position. If broken, you’ll need a new one. I have a Troybilt TB25CS trimmer in which the pull cord has been pulled all of the way out of the unit and won't retract. A cord that's too thin will work OK, but will have a shorter life. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. I borrowed a friend's Craftsman model# 917-387070 lawn mower which is equipped with an Eager-1 Pull Start starter. Begin by removing the bolts off of the side casing. Either way make sure you read the saftey information as if you let the spring get loose can cut hands. You can then access the recoil spring and examine it. Almost reminds of when my dirtbike seized up and the kick start … read more Once started it runs really smooth and has none of the problems that I had with my 2 cycle engine.. however, the pull cord does not operate very smooth. The starter cord won't retract when this spring breaks or gets ripped loose from the pulley. The causes and solutions offered apply to both new and used generators although a lot of them affect used ones. If that doesn't work, you'll probably have to remove the starter from the engine housing to loosen the tangle. A broken or cracked pulley won’t be effective at ensuring the recoil spring maintains its tension and retracts the pull cord. You When the cord gets dislodged from the armature or the channel above it the shade will not operate properly. Insert a screwdriver in the pulley to lock it in place. If it doesn't spin along the pulley properly, then it won't retract as it should. I had an identical spring, in good condition, replaced it and re-wound it, etc. Electrical Power Machinery, AC & DC Hand and Power Tools & Sharpening - Pull cord won't retract on Craftsman WeedWacker - I have a Craftsman Model 358.791170 33cc WeedWacker Trimmer with a Make sure it doesn’t unwind since you’ll be needing the end with the knot. reed valve might be the problem. Wind up the recoil spring to create tension in it. I have no where to do it as there is about 2 ft of snow on the ground and there's no dry places to work with small parts near me. Remove the center bolt and cap, remove ratchet pulls, use pliers to pull out the old springs, then install the new springs and re-install the pawls. The pull cord with the handle that you use to start it won't retract back into the case. If tension can't be set, make sure the cord is properly attached to the pulley. When pressing the primer bulb, it does not draw gas into it. If the engine doesn't spin as you pull out the recoil starter rope, then you'll likely need to replace the recoil starter because it isn't spinning the flywheel. Written instructions and/or a video to view. To do that, you'll have to remove the cord. If the pull cord will not pull out, I recommend pulling the trigger on the wand while trying to start the engine. In normal operation, the pull cord should come out when pulled and retract when released. The rope is fed into the starter housing and is attached to the pulley. When you pull the starter rope, it turns the pulley. The chain brake is the black plastic knuckle guard on top by the top handle, pull this guard back to the handle until you hear it click and the cord should now pull easier and should beable to start. As the crankshaft spins, an electro-magnetic connection fires the spark plug at the same time that the carburetor injects gas into the combustion chamber. The pull cord passes through an armature as it enters the headrail that controls the locking mechanism. If not, try pulling the cord while checking how the parts behave, if you hear a funny grinding noise, the plate will be worn out. Use the screwdriver to reattach and tighten the screws in place. How do I do it? Hi, I hope someone can help me. Try telling a customer who bought it for $60 back then, it'll cost more than half that As the pulley turns, it tightens the spring. When I remove the sparkplug, the cord frees up and it is easy to pull. The unloader should open when the pump builds enough pressure. Release the pulley by pulling out the screwdriver while holding unto the rope. Make sure you get a quality spring as it may easily lose its tension if it’s of a poor quality. This is made possible by a combination of springs that pull back the pull cord after being pulled out. Your generator has a pull cord which is one way of starting the generator. If the pull cord on your lawnmower is stuck, you're not going to be cutting the grass with that mower until you fix it. This is a very common issue and can be easily detected. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! This is a page about repairing a lawnmower cord.Look in the end of the knob, there should be a hole where the end of the cord is knotted. When you pull your lawnmower cord, it spins a hub that is connected to the crankshaft, which spins the lawnmower blade. When this spring fails such as getting worn out and losing its tension, getting stuck or being broken, the pull cord won’t be retracted into the starter. Essentially, you should be pulling the spring apart with your motions on the pulley. If that is not possible then please follow our pull cord replacement guide... - Briggs and Stratton 675 Series Repair Pull it out slowly then release to gauge if it works correctly this time. If you leave the cord hanging out, it will make the saw much more difficult to start and can be caught onto things. With the repeated starting of the engine, it gets to wear out due to the friction against the parts of the pulley. In normal operation, the pull cord should come out when pulled and retract when released. A broken cord is obvious, a pull cord that doesn't retract is usually a broken recoil spring, and a pull cord that doesn't catch and turn the engine usually means worn pawls. This is because these generators still have the pulley, recoiler and rope inside the starter just like the others. The pull cord can also get stuck in the crevices created by the broken parts. The starter pawl should retract on its own, which in turn will retract the rope so you can attempt another pull start. The hub around which the cord is wound is connected to the motor housing by a recoil spring that automatically rewinds the cord each time you pull it. If it’s a case of a tangled rope, pulling it out some more then undoing the knot then letting go will solve it. Share. Consult your owner's manual to find the procedure for removing the starter. If broken or worn out, the pull cord may not move in and out of the pulley freely and may even get stuck either inside or when pulled out. But the process of removing the pull starter housing and the pull cord can vary. To check this part of the starter, you’ll have to remove the starter. Can`t seem to to easily remove the yellow cover to inspect what`s happening even after removing the top three bolts. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Pull cord on snow blower won't retract. You will be able to feel this issue directly on your Reinstall the center screw and its cap to fasten the pulley to the housing of the starter. In some cases, the cracks can cut the pull cord. Weedeater featherlite leafblower is really hard to get started. Something else to check for if the pull cord won’t retract is that there’s nothing stuck between the outer edge of the blade and the deck (remove spark plug before checking) also if the blade is bent and catching the cutting deck, or If you feel significant resistance when pulling the starter cord, start by checking the automatic brake. The pull cord, while made of high-quality materials, eventually gets old and wears out. Cord Problems. The problem usually is much simpler than that, however. The recoil spring should pull the new cord inside it. 358.791010 I have had this model for about 2-3 years and everything has worked fine and has been maintained properly. How long can a Generator Run Continuously? May 28, 2008 #1 I have an echo back pack blower that starting the other day would not retract the cord once pulled. The chances of this occurring inside the pulley are quite low given that there’s only enough space for the rope to go in and out. Most of of the smaller Johnson outboard motors under 25 horsepower, particularly most of the older models, used a recoil starter. Cord is way too hard to pull. Something else to check for if the pull cord won’t retract is that there’s nothing stuck between the outer edge of the blade and the deck (remove spark plug before checking) also if the blade is bent and catching the cutting deck, or the crankshaft is bent. Had spring and spring houing replaced, same problem..... eddy newman Changing the Blades on a Cub Cadet Model 1045, How to Repair the Pull Start on a Poulan Leaf Blower, Briggs & Stratton: Top 5 Mower Troubleshooting Tips, The Family Handyman: Lawn Mower Repair -- Broken Cord, How to Fix the Pull Cord Starter on Wood Splitter Machine. 358.791010 I have had this model for about 2-3 years and everything has worked fine and has been maintained properly. I think it will retract eventually because m dad described that he got it stuck out a bit then … Look for roots and plastic gumming up the blade arbor and remove them as well. You can then replace the damaged part before reinstalling the starter and other parts. In some other cases, the rope will be simply tangled thus forming a knot which prevents it from properly retracting into the pulley. Re: Pull Cord Won't Retract!! If your shade is not locking and unlocking or the cord is not retracting this may be the source of the problem. Make sure the chain brake is NOT engaged.....if engaged the engine won't turn over and start, many think it's engine seize. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I am taking in for repair (just this piece) since they said the spring can be tricky. When the spring is fully distended, insert a screwdriver into it to lock it into place. It had a broaken spring on the pull cord re-wind. There is also a recoil spring inside the pulley that, if not set properly, will not allow the rope to give the engine full compression, making starting the trimmer very difficult. rope pull starter won't recoil - Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines I have a Ryobi CS26 weed eater that won't start. If the pull cord will not pull out, I recommend pulling the trigger on the wand while trying to start the engine. why won't the pull cord retract ? Follow the YouTube video above to learn how to rewind a lawn mower recoil spring. Follow the YouTube video above to learn how to rewind a lawn mower recoil spring. To put more tension on the spring, wind the cord around the … If you can start the engine this way, I suspect the unloader valve in the pump is stuck. What Stops a Pull Cord for a Gas Weeder? Ryobi X430 4-cycle weed trimmer pull cord is not smooth I have a fairly recent gas trimmer that is lightly used but new to me, Ryobi X430 4-cycle gas. When the pulley turns past a set point, the spring is released, turning the flywheel and crankshaft. Cord Hard to Pull If your pull cord is hard to pull (stiff), make sure the bail lever is held during the starting process. I have a gas powered Stihl trimmer. It should be retracted back into the starter housing. Let the recoil spring to slowly wind up the rope into the pulley before reinstalling the cover. Your pressure washer is hard to pull start because with each pull you are building up pressure in the system from the pump. I'm new to the board. Get the best deals on Ryobi String Trimmer Parts & Accessories. Pull cord will not retract on an Eager-1 one pull start. But when you give that cord a good hard pull the cord doesn't retract like it supposed to, or worse, the mower fires up for a minute and the cord is whipped back, you hear some funky grinding noise, and the … If you have the manual very easy to take off and check and repair, If your need to replace still very easy. the retractable cord doesn`t retract so I can`t start the mower. For a stuck or broken clutch, you’ll need to dig into the engine in the following steps: You can be sure that one of these issues are behind your generator’s pull cord not working properly. I am told that this is a fairly "complicated" procedure. You may be able to free it by pulling it gently to coax it out to its full length, then letting it rewind slowly. As with many of the small parts involved in your blower’s starter assembly, pawls can become damaged with excessive force during the pull start. 1 like. In fact, a majority of the generators on the market use this pull cord with a few using a key, switch or remote device. It probably means the spring has come loose or the end is broken off. ARCHIVED; General » General Discussion. Trying to remove the top cover to replace the pull cord but I’m unable to remove it. With some of them being made of plastic, they’re not that long-lasting. It didn’t seem to work, so I took out the Cut off the knot of the old rope then replace it with the new rope making a small and tight knot with it. Some generator models use clutches instead of spring-loaded pawls for the same reason of retracting the pull cord after pulling it out during the starting phase. initially at full throttle the motor planed the boat with myself,wife and son, then would only plane … If a pull cord is not pulling out fully, it won’t be able to turn the engine enough to start it up. Insert the pull cord into the starter housing while making a small and tight knot to hold it in place. If you can just install the spring, try that, and careful on the pull starts so you don't snap the string. A retractable cord on your iron is convenient and helps with storage, until it gets stuck. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community … Last week it worked fine trimming my front … The pull cord has a T-shaped handle which juts outside of the pull cord hub and makes part of the starter recoil setup. Pull the pull cord completely out of the pulley. Sometimes the pull cord crosses over itself when rewinding, and when this happens, it can get stuck. The hooks should be bent properly to reduce the chances of the spring coming off. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies. the retractable cord doesn`t retract so I can`t start the mower. If it’s broken, you’ll likely see it straight away. Last week it worked fine trimming … S430 4 cycle I took out the spark plug and - Answered by a verified Technician. 3) The Pull Cord Works Fine – But the Engine Won’t Start. If it’s a sudden problem, it could be that the recoil spring is just stuck or has come off the pulley. When you pull the starter cord it will create pressure within the system. After replacing it, test the pull cord to determine if it flows freely or not before reinstalling the other parts of the starter. If, on the other hand, you’ve been noticing more and more of the rope remaining outside the pulley hub, it means the recoil spring has been losing its tension.